Hi! My name is Kira Novak and I am a personal chef living in the great city of Chicago, IL by way of Youngstown, OH. My love of food and cooking started at a very young age. Being fortunate to grow up in a large Italian family, I had the privilege of watching my relatives prepare culinary masterpieces from scratch. My Grandmother and Mother specialized in everything from homemade pasta to wedding cakes. No matter what they were making, they instilled in me the importance of learning the many diverse cuisines from my background as well as learning from every culture I have the pleasure to experience. I have been lucky to have traveled to 13 different countries, and plan to travel to many more. My Italian cooking roots have expanded by mingling at local street markets which has been invaluable experience and has taught me some of the best food traditions from real local cooks across the globe. Every place I have visited has taught me that the best food, no matter the kind, comes from only the freshest ingredients. I pride myself on creating a healthy eating environment in a balance of tradition and nutrition. I feel that cooking should be a fun experience and that everyone should make it what they want. Food isn’t just what keeps your body going, it is a celebration of culture and sharing. Welcome to my website and to my table. I look forward to cooking with you.